Terran Studio

Once upon a time there was a nice prosperous country where people lived their peaceful life facing no troubles. They were ordinary men and women who could be proud of their country. But one day the king of it put an end to the relaxing atmosphere of the peoples lifestyle. He met an astrologer and decided to execute him for no logical reasons. Of course, it was like a bolt from the blue. The whole country and the king were cursed with the last words of the astrologer. And awful things started happening since that day – the forest filled with numerous disgusting spiders, black art did a lot of harm to the cities, poor people began to leave the damned country. What could be done to fight with the powers of Astrology?

We present to you a classical scroll-shooter with action taking place in space. By guiding a spaceship you will struggle through hundreds of enemies only for one goal – to see the ashes of the destroyed world under your feet. Amazing gameplay dynamics along with easy-to-use controls will give you lots of pleasure moments when going through the game. Unique bosses at the end of each level won’t let you feel bored and bring the gameplay away from simple mouse clicking as winning each boss requires creating it’s own maneuvering and firing strategy.

This is a simple puzzle game will help your kids learn the basics of the English alphabet, learn and remember the English letters, the game is intended for children of preschool age.